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Pocket-Probe® Plastics Molding Kit



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Pocket-Probe® Plastics Molding Temperature Kit

Our Pocket-Probe Plastics Kit includes all of the tools needed to accurately measure your melt & mold temperatures! Included in this kit, is our exclusive Pocket-Probe pyrometer for the most exacting plastics professional. Our precision pyrometer delivers consistent, accurate readings and has been the industry’s favorite for decades. It’s reliable, user friendly, and built with durability in mind, featuring a durable ABS Nylon Alloy case. The Pocket-Probe® features 0.1° resolution, shows readings in both °F and °C, and comes with a five-year warranty. The Pocket-Probe® is compatible with all of our mini-plug terminated sensors of the same thermocouple type, allowing you to further customize your kit to your business’s needs. General Factory Calibration is included; Lab Calibration is available upon request.

This kit has all of the items needed to get you going! Utilizing our HBET Holder, the sensor tips will save you money over time because you are no longer having to replace complete sensors with leads. Only the tips need to be replaced now.

Parts Included in Kit:
(1) Pocket-Probe® Pyrometer for Thermocouple (part# PDK or PDJ)
(1) Carrying Case (part# CCH-PD)
(1) Interchangeable Sensor System (part# HBET-KM or HBET-JM)
(2) Surface Sensor Mold Probes (part# SS90-12KE or SS90-12JE)
(2) 4″Standard Needle Sensor (part# NB-15GSOKF4E or NB-15GSOJF4E)

Pocket-Probe Optional Package Includes:

  • Peak Hold Memory (Highest reading taken is stored in memory)
  • Peak Hold Reset (Clears Peak Hold memory and allows additional measurements)
  • Magnetic Mounting (Adheres to any iron or steel surface)

Additional information

Thermocouple Type

Type J, Type K

Option Package



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