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If it has to do with temperature measurement or calibration of temperature measurement equipment, EDL designs, engineers, manufactures, repairs, & installs it. Based in the U.S., and fully vertically integrated (with no part of our process outsourced), EDL is focused on quality and provides customized products for every application.

EDL’s 2023 Temperature Measurement Product Catalog


Since 1943, EDL has had a reputation for crafting the highest quality temperature measurement instruments on the market; designed to lastā€”literallyā€”for generations. Reliable & robust, every piece of equipment we sell is meticulously engineered & built with only the finest components and strictest attention to every detail, all while being competitively priced.


Our products set the standard for temperature measurementā€”and always have. But from our first day, weā€™ve also been committed to providing an outstanding customer experience, excellent value, & the utmost integrity in all we do. Our real specialty is catering to you. It is our goal to provide an excellent product – and the best service possible. This has been our core value & mission since our inception in 1943.

Ā Nervo-ScopeĀ®Ā Family of Products

Our Nervo-ScopeĀ® family of products has been hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen in different iterations for decades. It is the most recognizable & trusted true diagnostic Chiropractic tool for locating subluxations in tissues along the spine. Used by doctors worldwide, the Nervo-ScopeĀ® is known to be repeatable, reliable, & affordable. The Nervo-ScopeĀ® is used to detect minute heat differentiations and is a tool rooted in science – brought to you by EDL, the Temperature PeopleĀ® – since 1943.

I just wanted to send my gratitude to the EDL staff regarding the professional service we here at AGI Construction Inc. have received in the past 5 years that I have been employed with AGI. Service has always been prompt and communication has been great between EDL staff and me. Thank you for all you do for AGI Construction Inc.


The EDL E-Z Probe is our #1 Go to Instrument! We use it to test in the field multiple times daily, we send it in for calibration on a yearly basis and have never had any issues- customer service is top notch! We use our instruments for more than we ever would have imagined!

WLR Services

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Our Services

Since we began operations in 1943 focused on manufacturing temperature monitoring equipment, we provided calibration services deeply rooted in the science of metrology. Initially, we only serviced the products we created. But as our reputation for quality, integrity, and an excellent customer experience grew, we expanded the breadth and depth of services we offer to meet a variety of industry requests. Today, we are proud to complement our meticulous engineering and manufacturing with extensive service offerings.