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Distributor Resources

Our trusted name, your loyalty, mutual success.

Welcome to the EDL family of distributors!

Welcome to the EDL family of equipment distributors! Youā€™re here because you know the quality, durability, and precision of our chiropractic equipment, along with the incomparable customer service we provide. And we greatly appreciate you. Through this partnership, your loyalty to the EDL brand means you and your customers get the best equipment for the job at handā€”all at a very fair price and made in America.

20-10 program for a win-win

When your customers use a special promo code for EDL Chiropractic Nervo-ScopeĀ® or AnalagraphĀ®, they get 10% off the list priceā€”and you earn a 20% credit with each purchase they make! As your credit accumulates, you can use it toward any EDL Nervo-ScopeĀ® product. Plus, as a valued distributor, youā€™ll also receive an additional 20% off of your Nervo-ScopeĀ® purchase price.

You may be wonderingā€¦

At EDL, our customers are our first priority. And when you ask questions, provide suggestions, or even recommend new products, we listen. There are several issues we frequently address with our Chiropractic customers, so we wanted to share our insight about these with you, our valued distributors.

About international shipping

EDL is pleased to ship globally. We can arrange for shipping or simply ship on your account.

About proper use of the scope

When your customers first receive their Nervo-ScopeĀ®, they may not be familiar with how to use it correctly. So, with the help of some faithful Chiropractor customers, EDL has created demo training videos for this purpose. In fact, we recommend that you provide the training video link with every one of your sales!


I have used Nervo-ScopeĀ® since 1956

I have used Nervoscopes since 1956, and continue to recommend that the new generation learn to use the instrument and use it in their care of patients.

Dr. Owen C. Mellody Chiropractic Consultant

EDL Nervo-ScopeĀ®: The Standard for Quality and Accuracy

I've used EDL Nervoscopes in practice for a very long time. They are the professional standard in analog instruments for accurate readings, simplicity of use, and quality manufacture. In a busy practice, I prefer the analog speed and simplicity of the nervoscope over the digital instruments I've tried. The tech support team, in the very few times I've needed them over the years, has been super fast and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this instrument, and the company behind it. They've served the chiropractic profession for as long as I can remember.

Seth Levine, D.C.

What's new in 2023?

If youā€™re just joining our Chiropractic Distributor network, we welcome you to the EDL Family! If youā€™re visiting this page as an existing Distributor, we thank you for your continued support and dedication to our long-established brand. We thank you for your patience while we all learn how to navigate in this new post Covid world. We are pleased to share with you several exciting updates including this new website! In addition to this new Resource heavy website we are also releasing a new product ā€“ the Nervo-ScopeĀ® Pro-X (we are NOT discontinuing the ETS-9 & ETS-9A Nervo-ScopesĀ® ā€“ the Pro-X is simply the newest addition to the family) with expectations it will take the market by storm! Be sure to ā€œLikeā€ our Facebook & Instagram pages to keep abreast of product updates and alerts to new demo videos and resources. You spoke, and we listened: this new website now features a Resources section for both customers and Distributors ā€“ with a plethora of information geared towards answering the most asked questions, demo videos on proper use of the scope, and the ability to download literature. We also have a section for Distributors only ā€“ here you can access downloadable high-resolution photos and print ready files, as well as the videos we offer with demos on correct use of the scope. We hope you find these new tools & resources helpful not only in facilitating sales, but in understanding the EDL way ā€“ and why our products are superior. Spanish versions of major literature will soon be available. In addition, we are pleased to announce the official opening of our first international repair facility ā€“ which will be located in South America. We expect this to be a major help in ā€œclosing the dealā€ as the number one (and truly the only) concern we hear from international prospects/customers is concern over the inconvenience and cost of sending scopes in for repairs if needed. This new EDL Repair Facility alleviates those fears completely. It will offer almost all the repairs our main US facility offers, yet without the hassle of US Customs! We expect this to help spur sales in both Europe and South America. And remember ā€“ this is an EDL facility so it will offer the same exceptional service our US facility is famous for. Please note if you require a Sales Sheet tailored more to your specific market / target base, simply contact sales@edl-inc.com and our Marketing team will design a sheet to fit your needs. Be sure to include a copy of your logo in a usable format, as well as the complete name of your company and contact information. In the very near future, editable Sales sheets for most literature will be available ā€“ these sheets will allow you to input your contact information on our product pages. Be sure to check Facebook for information on when these will be available.

Please take a few moments to review our current Distributor Programs and make sure you are in the program that best fits your needs! If you have questions do not hesitate to contact sales@edl-inc.com. Several new programs were rolled out in 2022 with different criteria ā€“ including programs designed for colleges & seminar groups. In 2022 we began a ā€œTrade-Inā€ Program for older scopes that were sent in for repair, but the repair cost was simply too high. This is a major feature as it further shows how we stand behind our hand-crafted product. In addition, you will find updated Terms & Conditions, as well as current Price Lists and contact lists.

Please note: As the manufacturer of the scope and not trained Doctors of Chiropractic, we are not permitted to provide instructions on how to use the scope ā€“ however, we now offer demonstrational videos teaching the proper use of the scope. You will also find videos on how to properly clean the scope, and a helpful Q&A designed to answer the most commonly asked questions and avoid unnecessary repairs.
ALL Nervo-ScopeĀ® sales are final ā€“ we do not accept returns on Nervo-ScopeĀ® as this device is a medical product.

About repairs

When any repair is neededā€”either on an EDL product or even on one of our competitorā€™s productsā€”we can help.

Distributor Resources