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We may make temperature measurement equipment.
But our real product is relationships.

Youā€™re specialā€”so weā€™re specialists.

Since 1943, our single focus has been on designing and manufacturing the finest temperature-measuring products availableā€”for every industry. In addition to our thousands of standard sensors, we offer custom engineering for process measurement and control. Whatever specialized temperature measurement component you need (thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, etc.), our experienced engineering team can provide a customized solution that works. Our versatile manufacturing and precise machining allow us to efficiently produce virtually any temperature sensor. To customize a product or develop something completely new for your distinctive application, use the Build a Custom Sensor Form or contact us atĀ sales@edl-inc.com. We look forward to working on your unique temperature solution.

When you invest in EDL equipment, we invest in you.

The calibration equipment we sell sets the standard in the industry. And to ensure everything is running as intended, we will hand-deliver your system and correctly install it for optimal functioning. Ā Our goal is an easy and smooth implementationā€”and, well, perfection.

Contact us for more information.Ā 

Your quality control starts with our quality.

EDL offers world-class temperature calibration services* at competitive prices, with extensive capabilities for your specific needs. Our metrology lab will help you meet your quality control requirements by offering calibration services traceable to The International Temperature Scale (ITS90) and The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


*Calibration certificates are available with new purchases or with recalibration services. Measurement uncertainty is available upon request. Completing and submitting a Support Request Form will send an email directly to our service team who can assist you with turnaround time and pricing. Calibrations are available at pre-determined fixed points or at custom targets defined by the customer.


Onsite calibration

Minimize potential interruptions to your manufacturing or production process and keep your temperature measuring equipment running accurately and without error. We specialize in providing onsite calibration services for virtually any in-situ sensor or calibrator. Our calibration services can be performed completely at your facility, saving you time and money, so you can keep up with production schedules. No need to coordinate shipping or rentalsā€”let us do the work!



All temperature measuring equipment (including calibrators), should be recalibrated regularly for traceability and to prevent potential errors in measurement. So staying up to date withĀ recalibration is critical to avoid out-of-tolerance situations. This is the reason so many plants now operate according to a QC system requiring calibration certificates. EDL can help you maintain optimum performance and traceability by providing NIST-traceable calibrations. And our experienced staff will complete repairs, as needed, ensuring you meet your audit requirements.

Immeasurable precision is not an oxymoron.

If you need it, we can make it. Our machine room is the heart and soul of EDL. Highly skilled technicians create one-off custom products or a full run of whatā€™s requiredā€”in any material, from polycarbonates and plastics to brass and aluminum. Our manual and CNC lathes, mills, and precision grindings mean no request (or product) is too small or large for us to tackle. No customization is too specific, and if youā€™re not sure exactly what you need, weā€™ll help you figure that out too. And with 3D-printed prototypes, you can be confident that the design will be perfect before our hands go to work.

Repair is our Passion.

Excellent customer service has served as the foundation of EDLā€™s business model for over 80 years. Our priority to serve well extends to equipment assessment and repair. Our company does not believe in planned obsolescence and if we feel a product can be repaired, we will recommend that course.Ā  EDL wants to help you manage operating costs and extend the life of your equipment, even if it is not ours.Ā  We can troubleshoot by phone or videocall, service an instrument in-house at our facility, or discuss other options to solve your temperature needs.Ā  You can be confident that we will give you the most cost- and time-efficient solution. No unnecessary repairs, just honest advice and superior service.


Call 1.800.342.5335 or email us at service@edl-inc.com to start the solution process. Or click here to complete and submit a Support Request Form.

Make your mark.

Serial numbers, temperature ranges, product names, and employee codes. Sometimes a label just doesnā€™t cut it. When you need something permanently engraved on a product or piece of equipment, we can help. EDL has the capability to engrave almost any surface, including plastics, ceramic, copper, brass, powder-coated metals, anodized aluminum, and more.

Youā€™re the expert. (At least you will be.)

No matter your industry, using your manufacturing or production equipment correctly and to its fullest potential optimizes operationsā€”and your bottom line. The experts at EDL can train your team to ensure that every user and manager has the practical confidence they need. Combining equipment training with iTools software coaching, we will empower you with an elevated level of skills and proficiency. In fact, our ultimate goal is to leave you in the hands of experts: your own team.


For more information, contact our sales team at sales@edl-inc.com.