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We did handcrafted before it was cool.

Today, it’s trendy for everything from candles to gas-station sandwiches to be marketed as “handcrafted”—implying that the product was specially designed just for you. But for over 80 years, EDL has been handcrafting quality sensors that are robust in design and feature high accuracy with remarkable reliability. Our technicians meticulously consider every specification, meeting the individual needs of every customer. And quality doesn’t have to mean exorbitant cost. Our sensors are always priced competitively, delivering exceptional value.


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Need a custom sensor? Use our custom sensor form.

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Our Services

Since we began operations in 1943 focused on manufacturing temperature monitoring equipment, we provided calibration services deeply rooted in the science of metrology. Initially, we only serviced the products we created. But as our reputation for quality, integrity, and an excellent customer experience grew, we expanded the breadth and depth of services we offer to meet a variety of industry requests. Today, we are proud to complement our meticulous engineering and manufacturing with extensive service offerings.