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Thermocouple Mini-Grabber Alligator Clips



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EDL’s Thermocouple compensated Mini-Grabber Alligator Clips provide the perfect solution for making temperature measurements via terminal strips and screw head connections. These clips will not add an additional junction; they are thermocouple material from the tip back to the plug. They are available in all base metal thermocouple types and in uncompensated versions for other connections. Alligator Clips may be purchased in traditional lead or Coil Cord styles, with your choice of termination. All of the clips open a full 0.25″ making them suitable for binding posts, screw heads, or large diameter wire. Add confidence to your thermocouple measurements by using compensated leads. See our Thermocouple Mini-Grabbers for smaller wires and screws.

ā€¢ Thermocouple material from the tip to the teeth

ā€¢ Available with convenient Coil Cords

ā€¢ Available in all ASTM thermocouple types

ā€¢ Allows fast simple connections to bare thermocouple wires

ā€¢ Ideal for connecting thermocouple wires inside process connection heads

ā€¢ Eliminates multiple cold end junctions

ā€¢ Available in Copper/Copper

Additional information

Lead Length

(H) 5' Teflon over Teflon (PFA ONLY), 1' Extends to 5' (COILCORD ONLY), 3' Extends to 15' (COILCORD ONLY), Set

Lead Type

CoilCord, PFA


32ā€ lead with Mini Plug, Mini-Jack, Standard Plug, Unterminated, Miniplug, Set

Thermocouple Type

Copper, Type E, Type J, Type K, Type N, Type R, Type S, Type T, SET

Technical Data


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