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Temperature & Humidity Kit Replacement Parts



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Our temperature and humidity testing equipment is uniquely suited to the challenging measurement conditions in the paper industry. EDL has the only complete measurement kit on the market for testing temperature and relative humidity on the production floor. This kit gives you “peace of mind” because of its high accuracy and easy to use features. Contact EDL for more information (434.799.0807, sales@edl-inc.com).

Kit Includes:In addition to purchasing the entire kit you can select additional/spare or replacement parts by clicking the links below.
EZK-C — E-Z-ProbeĀ®
VT-3 — Versa-Temp 3
RHW-1E3DC — Humidity Block
TC-4POLE — Pole for Roller Probe
RAB-KM-5″-SWB — Replaceable Roller Probe
R5-08K — 5″ Replaceable Roller Probe Bands
RTRTD-4POLER1 — Pole for Humidity Block
RNBD061E3SDT4HH — Insertion Sensor
RNBD061ESDT4HW — Insertion Sensor w/ Wick
WRENCH-17MM — 17 MM Wrench
TORXDR10 — #10 Torx Driver
SCREWDRPH1– Phillips Screwdriver
WBDB-BOTTLE — Fill Bottle with Needle
PKGCLIP-WICK — Copper Clips w/ 36″ Wick
CC POLE/CASE — Case w/ Foam Cutout
INST-HUMKIT — Instruction Manual

EDL’s Metrology Laboratory can supply any sensor and instrument complete with a report of calibration that is traceable to NIST.

For more information contact us atĀ sales@edl-inc.com.

Additional information

Replacement Parts

# 10 Torx Fdriver, 1/8" insertion sensor 3 wire RTD 6" long 5' teflon lead round DIN plug, 1/8" insertion sensor w/ wick on needle 3 wire RTD 6" long 5' teflon lead round DIN plug, 17 Millimeter Wrench, 5" replaceable roller band type K 800 Ā°F, Case w/ foam cutout, waterproof case protects & holds all humidity instruments & accessories, Copper clibs w/ 36" wick, pack of 10, Fill bottle with needle. Water bottle with needle for filling Wet/Dry bulb block, Humidity Kit Instruction Manual, Phillips Screwdriver, roller contact sensor holder T/C type K 5" lead w/ mini-plug and mounted bracket with swivel, RTD input digital pyrometer, round DIN plug, T/C instrument Type K Switch between 0 Ā°F and 0 Ā°C, Telescoping pole 46" long extends to 13'7" for RTD sensor with 25' long 3 wire teflon lead and round DIN plug, Telescoping pole 46" long extends to 13'7" for T/C Band sensor with 25' long teflon lead and mini-plug, Wet/Dry bulb humidity sensor, circular connector WBDB-Bottle included


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