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Replaceable Wheel For Wire Roller Contact Sensor



Replaceable Wheel For Wire Roller Contact Sensor


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The RW sensors are made to accept replaceable bands and wheels ā€“ saving you time and offering easy long term maintenance. The sensors have an Aluminum channel that is simply mounted in position. Standard wheels accommodating temperatures up to 600 Ā°F are supplied with the initial order.
Please refer to the additional wheel options (Aluminum and Alumina) for higher temperature requirements.
ā€¢ Aluminum wheels operate over a large temperature range, and are available for temperatures up to 650 Ā°C (1200 Ā°F).
ā€¢ Alumina wheels offer operation over the greatest temperature range, and boast extremely low thermal conductivity. Alumina wheels are available for applications requiring temperature monitoring up to 1370 Ā°C (2500 Ā°F).
  • Replaceable Band







Wire Roller Sensor

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Wheel Material

Standard Ultem, Aluminum, Alumina


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