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Replaceable Leaf



Replacement Leaf / Sensing Element for Roller Leaf Surface Sensors

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These Replacement Leafs are the sensing element for EDL’s Roller Leaf Surface Sensors. These sensors were designed to exert minimal pressure against the item under measurement allowing delicate, fast-moving flat objects to be measured precisely and without damaging the object. The leaf incorporates a latch assembly to restrict the leaf extension beyond the wheels, reducing the potential abuse to the Thermocouple element.

Please note Roller Leaf Sensors are sold seperately and one Leaf is included with the initial purchase. EDL recommends some care when storing this style sensor to prevent damage to the sensing element.

ā€¢ Response Time: < 3 seconds to 95% of reading
ā€¢ Max. Temperature for T is 400 Ā°C.
ā€¢ Sensing Leaf: 0.375″ wide x 0.005″ thick
ā€¢ Accuracy: Ā± 3 Ā°C or 1% (whichever is greater)
ā€¢ NIST traceable calibration (including certificate & sticker) available upon request.
(please link {1} case since we mention storing with care {CCH product})
(please link {2} Roller Leaf sensor here since this is just the replaceable leaf {RL product})

Additional information

Thermocouple Type

Type E, Type K, Type J, Type T


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