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Nervo-Scope® Wall Mount



Use the Nervo-Scope® Wall Mounted Holder to conveniently and safely house your scope throughout the day in between adjusting patients or while cleaning. This Wall Mount is also perfect for displaying your sentimental scope – especially those nostalgic scopes that have been proudly handed down from generation to generation. Also available in Desk Stand Option.



The Nervo-Scope® Wall Mount allows you to proudly (and safely) display your nostalgic scopes – or conveniently house your working scope in a most convenient and unique housing specifically designed for the scope. Although EDL always recommends placing the Nervo-Scope® back in it’s {included} protective carrying case with custom foam insert – – after each use, we realize the Nervo-Scope® is part of your adjustment procedure and is utilized with each and every patient. It is expected for the thermocouple tip to be properly cleaned in between each patient, but we see the cumbersome nature of having to repack and store the scope back in the original protective foam and case. We understand this may not always be feasible – especially in a busy office where time is of the essence. It is because of this we now offer the Wall Mount (also available as a Desk Stand) as a safe and unique way to temporarily house and display your Nervo-Scope® throughout the work day or to serve as a display in your office. The Wall Mount accommodates any Nervo-Scope® Chiropractic instrument including old “porcelain” scopes. 

Ideal for housing the scope in between patients throughout a working day (making it a breeze to clean the scope, and to protect the scope while preparing the room for the next patient or while reviewing files/x-rays/charts, etc.), the Wall Mount firmly holds the scope and offers a barrier to prying fingers. We have found using the Wall Mount & Desk Stand (instead of simply laying the scope down on the counter or your desk), makes it less likely for the scope to be touched- resulting in less drops and repairs. Patients tend to realize the scope is not to be touched simply by being held in a secure stand specifically designed to house the scope. Not only does this save you money in potential repairs, it saves a tremendous amount of time –  eliminating the need to repack the scope in the protective carrying case after each patient. Now, if you don’t have the time to properly store the scope after each use, you may place the scope {once tips are cleaned} in the stand whenever it’s not in use – until the end of the day when a final cleaning should be completed and the scope securely stored in the protective case.

With the Wall Mount, you need never lay the scope down – which again – we all know is a recipe for disaster. Eliminate (or at least reduce) accidents and keep the scope out of reach by using a Wall Mount. Your scope will always have a snug home offering maximum protection during your working day – and you can proudly display the tool that helps you help your patients. 

  • It is with great pride we still service scopes we manufactured in the early 1950’s. EDL products are built to last. Our scopes are recognized around the globe and these prized tools are often handed down from generation to generation. Many of scopes, even if not in working order, are still highly desirable and with this desk stand may now be displayed in a most unique way. EDL’s nostalgic scopes were a part of the very Doctor who used them – with the Wall Mount, you can now display your historic scopes and tell your own history. 
  • All Chiropractic products may be laser engraved with a special message or name. We are happy to engrave your scope or stand with a name, sentiment, or clinic name. Space is limited and based on font. Engraving makes a very nice gift for Students and those Doctor’s retiring who still want to display the tool they relied on every day with every patient!  
  • This Wall Mount accommodates ALL Nervo-Scope® Models!


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