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Dual Black Body (DBB) Infrared Calibrator



Dual Black Body Infrared Calibrators make the calibration of infrared pyrometers with multiple temperature ranges faster than ever before by combining a hot and cold side in one unit. These calibrators are available in two models to cover temperatures from – 30 °C up to 650 °C.



Easily Calibrate Infrared Pyrometers with Multiple Temperature Ranges using EDL’s Dual Black Body (DBB) Infrared Calibrator. DBB calibrators were designed with the user in mind and are simple to set and control. Available in two versions: the DBB-350 with a low range of: -30 °C up to 135 °C and a high range of: Ambient to 350 °C; and the DBB-650 with a low range of: -30 °C up to 135 °C, and a high range of: Ambient to 650 °C.
These calibrators ensure accurate calibrations of virtually any infrared pyrometer. With its large target areas of 2”, and high accuracy temperature controller – EDL’s IR calibrators offer better accuracy and stability over other IR calibrators on the market. The emissivity of the isothermal target is machined and coated to give a high emissivity of 0.986e, and the target temperature can be controlled in set-point increments of 0.1°. Fast heating and cooling times make these calibrators very efficient.

Using the calibrator is a breeze. Merely set the desired Black Body temperature from the convenient front panel control buttons, wait a few minutes to ensure stability, aim the gun at the target and shoot. The radiated energy from the Black Body is measured by your IR thermometer. Merely compare its reading to the display on the DBB and record the difference. Data is easily collected and downloaded to the computer through the RS-232 computer interface which allows computer control of the set points. The DBB is drilled to accommodate holes for external 0.125” PRTs (sold separately). All EDL calibrators are made in the USA and tested for stability and uniformity before shipping. Available in 110VAC and 220VAC versions, with European cord sets as required.

• Ideal for All IR Guns – Regardless of Their Class! • Ultra High Stability • Fast Heat Up & Cool Down Times • Simple to Use • Rugged & Lightweight • Available in 120VAC or 240VAC – EDL Will Accommodate the Cord Configuration to Match the Home Country Power Requirement • Includes Removable Control Sensor for Easy Re-calibration • Adjustable Bail Handle • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate Included • Available as a Reference Version • 12-Month Warranty • Drilled to Accommodate External Reference Sensors (sold separately) •

Additional information

Temperature Range

-30 °C to 350 °C, -30 °C to 650 °C


120V, 240V


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