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Cryo-Cal-2® LI Cryostat Calibrator



EDL’s CRYO-CAL®-2-LI delivers perfect precision every time and our advanced engineering removes the need for expensive vacuum systems, avoiding unnecessary elements while still achieving high stability and uniformity.


Need additional spacer tubes and line guides? We got you covered!

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CRYO-CAL®-2-LI Cryostat Calibrator

Perfection without fail (no asterisk required)

• Cryo-Cal Instruction Manual
• Cryo-Cal Data Sheet

Seriously. There are no “if, ands, or buts” with this best-selling all-in-one calibration system. Beautifully designed and handmade by skilled technicians with the finest materials, EDL’s CRYO-CAL®-2-LI delivers perfect precision every time. Advanced engineering removes the need for expensive vacuum systems, avoiding unnecessary elements while still achieving high stability and uniformity. And because the economical CRYO-CAL®-2-LI is a complete system—not a la carte like our competitors—you’re getting more (and better) for less. Plus, it’s hard to beat our lead time of just 8 weeks.

Liquid nitrogen as the cooling media means low cost and ease of use—calibrating devices from -196o C with more than 15-minute dwell times. And with no moving parts or pumping system, the CRYO-CAL®-2-LI is virtually maintenance-free.

Able to accommodate various common sensor sizes within every industry and usable with or without spacer inserts, the CRYO-CAL®-2-LI offers incredible versatility—and EDL can customize sensor holders for any specific use case. Our liquid nitrogen fill indicator ramps up the user safety factor as well, with a viewing window and floater.

Fully programmed right out of the box and simple to assemble, the CRYO-CAL®-2-LI is engineered to last—EDL never plans for obsolescence like some manufacturers. Instead, you’ll get an affordable, reliable product for phenomenal stability and accuracy. All calibrators come with a NIST-traceable certificate.

  • Uniform, stable, and custom-wound non-inductive internal heater
  • Liquid nitrogen fill indicator
  • Easy-to-use proven controller and internal RTD
  • Customizable for higher-resolution controller
  • Set of 4 spacer tubes and guides (0.250”) with purchase (additional sizes available)


Spacer tubes

Keeping airspace to a minimum ensures the most accurate measurements. That’s why EDL has designed our calibrators with versatility built right in. Standard 0.250” spacer tubes are included with the CRYO-CAL®-2-LI, but additional diameters are available in three sizes, including 0.125”, 0.1875”, and 0.276”. Need a custom insert? EDL can manufacture a spacer tube at any length and width you need. You can find them here: Spacer Tubes.

Linear guides (bushings)

Further reduce airflow for more stable measurements with EDL’s linear guides (bushings). These Teflon inserts can accommodate a wide range of sensors and can be used with or without a spacer tube, optimizing lab versatility.

Control cable

Enhance safety in the lab and in the field with EDL’s 40” control cable. And if additional distance is required for technician protection in your setting, EDL can provide a cable to accommodate your needs—60”, 80”, etc.

Additional information

Power Options

120VAC, 10amp, 50/60Hz, 240VAC, 10amp, 50/60Hz

Technical Data


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