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Certol ProSpray Wipes for Nervo-Scope®



Recommended Cleaner for Scopes

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ProSpray™ Cleaning Wipes

Surface Disinfectant/Cleaner Towelettes

Fast Disinfecting Power:
THREE Minutes to Kill TB and Other Organisms.

Alcohol-free, ammonium-free and bleach-free actives are the best choice for plastics, vinyl’s & metals. This product is ideal for use on the Nervo-Scope®.

User-Friendly Water Based Formula:
Hard on Germs, Not on Hands or Equipment! So Safe – it is EPA approved for use WITHOUT gloves (in the absence of biohazards)!

Light lemon scent, and deodorizer that is more pleasant for healthcare workers & patients!

Ø Recommended by EDL for use on Nervo-Scope models ETS-9 and ETS-9A. Also ideal for exam tables, stretchers, IV poles, bed rails, wheelchairs, telephones and many more! Perfect for “high touch” surfaces in public areas implicated in transmission of the flu: locker rooms, door knobs, faucets, phones, and even TV remotes.

Clean non-submersible power equipment prior to sterilization.

Active Agents:
0.647% o-phenylphenol
0.070% o-benzyl-p-chlorophenol

EPA Reg. #: 46851-12

DIN #: 02419904

Solution Color: Natural color

Odor: Lemon scent

Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture


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