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First. Best. By every measure.

Nervo-Scope® is used by professionals around the world to reliably detect and measure minute heat differences in the tissues along the spine. This instrument can be used comfortably on children, adults, and even animals for both pre- and post-adjustment assessment. Trusted by industry professionals since the 1950s, Nervo-Scope® is the original—and best—from the temperature measurement experts.

The Newest Member of the Nervo-Scope® Family

        Nervo-Scope® Pro-X

You’ve spoken—and we heard you! Through the years, our chiropractic customers have openly shared what they love about our Nervo-Scope®, what they’d prefer, and what they really need. So, we’re thrilled to unveil the new Nervo-Scope® Pro-X! Based on the input of chiropractic practitioners and academia from around the globe, this next-gen scope merges the latest scientific breakthroughs from our lab with the trusted (and nostalgic) sturdiness of our original design. Pre-launch feedback underscores the genuine excitement for distinctive features like the full color touchscreen, “porcelain housing”, the Super Glide Tips, and our most adjustable legs and heads ever – to accommodate patients of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Nervo-Scopes® & Nervo-Scope® Display Mounts 

I have used Nervo-Scope® since 1956

I have used Nervoscopes since 1956, and continue to recommend that the new generation learn to use the instrument and use it in their care of patients.

Dr. Owen C. Mellody Chiropractic Consultant

EDL Nervo-Scope®: The Standard for Quality and Accuracy

I've used EDL Nervoscopes in practice for a very long time. They are the professional standard in analog instruments for accurate readings, simplicity of use, and quality manufacture. In a busy practice, I prefer the analog speed and simplicity of the nervoscope over the digital instruments I've tried. The tech support team, in the very few times I've needed them over the years, has been super fast and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this instrument, and the company behind it. They've served the chiropractic profession for as long as I can remember.

Seth Levine, D.C.

Reasons why I love the Nervo-Scope®

It is easy and practical to utilize. It enables the Chiropractor to detect vertebral subluxation effectively and efficiently. The Nervo-Scope® enable the Chiropractor to have a precise objective view of a client’s nerve function. The Findings can be replicated from Chiropractor to Chiropractor. Utilizing a Nervo-Scope® gives our clients confidence that we know exactly when and when not to adjust their spine. I personally, as well as every team member of Vida Chiropractic, never check someone without a full Nervo-Scope® reading.

Dr. David Serio Founder and leader of Vida Chiropractic World Wide

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Our Services

The Nervo-Scope® ETS-9A is used to reliably detect and measure even the most minute heat differences in the tissues along the spine. This version of the Nervo-Scope® may be used alone or with the Wireless Analagraph® (sold separately), and has been an industry favorite for decades. The scope may be used comfortably for both pre and post adjustment assessment alone - simply as a diagnostic tool, or in conjunction with the Wireless Analagraph® which allows you to transfer your scope readings to your PC for true data capture. The Analagraph® allows you to not only chart patient progress but provide a true visual showing progress. EDL’s Nervo-Scopes® have the same sensitivity as our previous models but include advanced internal components the older scopes didn’t include to further combat RF interference. The ETS-9A will automatically power down after ~ ten minutes.