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Chiropractic Support Form

Nervo-ScopeĀ®/Chiropractic Repairs:

We offer complete repair and calibration services for both our products and those of other manufacturers. Our 80 years of expertise allows us to repair a range of Chiropractic scopes. Please complete a Support Request Form, print and include in your package or use the online submission, and follow the instructions below on how to send your scope in for service ā€“ including calibration. We never try to sell you on repairs you don’t need ā€“ we are here to give you superior service, maintenance advice, and honest opinions from the experts. For assistance, please call us on 1.800.342.5335 or email sales@edl-inc.com.

Please note, we must have a completed Support Request Form on file before we begin working on your scope. Please be as descriptive as possible when you explain the problems you are experiencing with your scope. If you have specific issues with your scope you wish addressed, please list them on the Support Request Form for the technician.

All scopes sent in are quoted within 10-15 business days. Please keep in mind, we make every effort to quote only the necessary repairs ā€“ and this means that occasionally upon final calibration we may discover additional work is necessary for the scope to get back to proper working order. If additional work is required in order to pass final calibration, your quote may change.

Send your scopes well packaged and in the protective carrying case, insured for full replacement value to the address below. Be sure to submit an online Support Request Form or include a printed {completed} Support Request Form for each scope being sent in for service. The completed form should include the ownerā€™s complete contact information including name, phone number, email address, and address for return shipping.Ā 

Electronic Development Labs, Inc.
Attn: Repairs/Calibration
244 Oakland Drive
Danville, VA 24540

Things to Remember:

All repairs under ~$375.00 are automatically repaired during the inspection/evaluation, without approval. We only contact you for approval if your repair cost exceeds ~$375.00. We will contact you with our findings and to get payment after repairs are completed.

More expensive repairs exceeding ~$375.00 require your authorization. If your repair cost exceeds ~$500.00, you may qualify for participation in the Trade-In Program. You will be contacted with your options before we do any repair work.

Any property not claimed (meaning paid for and returned to customer) within 60 days of the date of the initial quote become the property of EDL and will be discarded.

If your Support Request Form requests a quick turnaround and we rush your repair, an expedite fee may be applied and your scope will be repaired regardless of cost and without prior authorization ā€“ you will be contacted for payment after repairs are completed.

Payment is required prior to return shipping.

You may use the online form below or print the form and include it inside the box with your scope(s). Please complete one form for each scope being sent in for service.Ā 

Please contact sales@edl-inc.com or call 434.799.0807 for assistance.


Contact Information (Person handling repair)

Repair Approval(Required)
Please acknowledge you understand all minor repairs (under ~$375.00) are completed during the evaluation without pre-approval. On many older scopes certain basic repairs are simply unavoidable. If we open a scope for evaluation, there may be components and labor required even if no repair work is performed - this is unpreventable. If upon evaluation it appears your repair cost is over $375.00, we require approval prior to completing the repairs. Do you agree?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.