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Calibration Services

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When it comes to accurate and reliable temperature measurement and calibration, EDL products are the number one choice for customers worldwide.  The EDL brand is synonymous with precision and reliability.  We possess a unique ability to design, manufacture, and test all equipment at our own facility, now located in Danville, VA.  EDL has a stringent quality control process, use only the best materials, and thoroughly test our products before they leave our facility - thus ensuring you get the best product possible every time.

Because we have engineering teams available specifically to design and manufacture instruments and sensors based on your specifications, we promise to always give you more than an “off the shelf” solution. But keep in mind, our standard stock consists of over thousands of sensors & thermocouples, RTD’s, & compression fittings, an array of pyrometers & instruments, & even a full Metrology line! 

Since our founding in 1943, EDL has dedicated itself to producing quality products our customers depend on; and it has always been our goal to exceed customer expectations.  For years, we have manufactured thermocouples, RTD’s, and thermistors for industrial use. More recently we have expanded to meet the needs of our laboratory customers and developed a unique collection of temperature calibration equipment that is built with the same care and quality as our original industrial product line.

Our Calibration Lab specializes in providing a source for unique temperature calibration and testing requirements. No job is too big or small; no temperature too low or high.  From the cryogenic range to above 2500°C, EDL will test sensors to ASTM standards.  We offer controlled atmosphere testing in addition to power dissipation testing and response time testing.  These are just a few of the capabilities we perform here in our VA facility. Surface Sensor calibration is one of our specialties. All calibration and services are available to outside labs!

Let EDL provide you with the necessary equipment and instrumentation to help you eliminate downtime and increase your bottom line profit. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products available on the market; backed by true customer service. Providing you with superior products gives you assurance that teams of dedicated engineers and craftsmen stand behind EDL products.

Buying EDL products ensures getting a manufactured item that does more and costs less – we never sacrifice quality to save money.  Our products do double the work at half the cost; and our products last.   We still repair instrumentation we built over 45 years ago! 

We offer total commitment to our customers and concentrate on providing the highest level of customer service and product support you can get.  Please call our Sales Department and see what EDL can do for you. We have technical staff on hand to assist with designing the products you need.

Chiropractic Nervo-Scope® Repair/Calibration Service
Click here to view or download EDL's Nervo-Scope® repair/calibration service data sheet. This sheet tells you about where and how to send your Nervo-Scope® or other scopes in for repairs & calibration services.

Call us toll free: 1-800-342-5335, or e-mail: sales@edl-inc.com.


EDL Calibration Services

EDL is capable of in-house calibration testing in all Standard Units: C, ;F, K, & Ohms.

  • EDL provides services to outside labs, both national and international.
  • Top-notch surface sensor calibration is performed with state of the art equipment here in our VA facility by rigorously trained Laboratory Technicians.
  • EDL will test to all ASTM Standards.
  • We offer calibration on a number of items in need of repair - even those sensors and instruments that are not the trusted EDL brand!
  • EDL offers controlled atmosphere testing, power dissipation testing, & response time testing - our Lab Technicians are here to help!


What Can EDL Calibrate For You?

  • Resistance temperature indicating instruments
  • Thermocouple indicating instruments
  • Industrial RTD sensors
  • Precision resistance temperature detectors
  • Thermocouple sensors in all standard calibrations
  • Thermistor temperature sensors
  • Liquid in-glass thermometers
  • Application specific temperature sensors (i.e. Roller Contact Sensors)
  • Analog temperature indicating instruments
  • Bimetal temperature gauges
  • Circular & strip chart temperature recorders
  • Autoclave thermometers
  • SPRT by Comparison Method


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